Audio-visual Live Sessions

Music Executives, Label Reps, OAPs and music lovers generally look forward to discovering new acts and listening to new music. One of the most under-utilized medium to reaching core music lovers, is by performing on reputable online and Live music session.

Grab the opportunity to showcase your talent to readily available audiences, as you jump on different online and Live music sessions. Select the best fit below.

Aux Live

Aux live is a complete music oriented event created under the Aux platform for young up and coming musicians, and music lovers. The event was birthed out a great need to connect artists with fans as well as give young artists their first taste of live performance.

Aktivated Sessions

Aktivated Session is a lip-sync in-studio performance where artistes perform & vibe to their song. When you get on Aktivated Session, you get 3 complimentary portrait pictures by Amazing Klef. The video gets uploaded to @aktivatedtv’s youtube page. You also get to post the video on your social media platforms to promote your song.

A3 Sessions

A3 Sessions is an acoustic-inclined show that is dedicated to the celebration of vocal and instrumental talents and has evolved into a mix-mash style of blending three(3) songs into a single performance/track in less than three (3) mins.

A3 Special

A3 Special is a fluid and performance-oriented show geared towards the appreciation of newer and more urban forms of vocal music. As a spin-off of the A3 Sessions show, The elasticity of the show makes it so that any and every kind of artiste from every and any genre is comfortable in the expression of their musical type, with or without vocal prowess.

A3 Gospel

A3 Gospel is a series that is purely dedicated to the purity and versatility of gospel music. We have devoted the nuances of this show to catering for those that have a specific and particular taste for Gospel music, and  those that would love to experience newer and interesting facets of the A3 Sessions show.

ZoneOut Sessions

ZoneOut Sessions is a 2 minute Rap Webisode that is focused on showcasing lyrical prowess to the general public and waiting fans. Artistes involved get the opportunity to perform on an unbiased platform. ZoneOut Sessions has evolved over 4 seasons to become a pioneer in the maintenance and growth of the celebration of rap talent and the hip-hop culture in Nigeria.

Clout Live session

The Clout Live session is a segment of the Clout Music Promotion. It is a platform that showcases artists performing a live or acoustic rendition of their upcoming or smashing song. The session is aimed at elevating the vocal dynamism of an artiste in conjunction with the beauty of a live band. The Clout session is usually recorded in the clout studio, but occasionally recorded outdoors in a serene environment to cater creatively to each artiste’ art.