What’s The Process?

Mixing And Mastering Services

You may be wondering why you can’t just record a song in a recording studio and dish out for public consumption, with no post-production modification. The truth is that you can, but the quality of the sound is compromised. That’s why mixing and mastering is essential after song production.

At its most basic level, audio mixing is the act of taking the separate recordings of each instrument and vocalist and then mixing them together. Each element is treated separately to ensure optimal quality. While the goal of mastering is to balance issues and enhance audio characteristics of your music.


Mixing And Mastering Services

Radio ready mixes everytime!

The production of a track from recorded elements is complex process and comprises of two methods: Mixing and mastering, both performed by an audio engineer. These two methods together are typically referred to as ‘post-production.’ Once each song and the album, as a whole, go through post-production, the music is ready for distribution. It is these produced versions of the music that you hear on the radio when you purchase an album or even stream via an app like Spotify. We provide radio quality mixing and mastering at affordable prices. Focus on your talent and let us focus on the mix!

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